We didn't invent consulting;
we just made it personal.


About TrueNorth

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True North Consulting Group has proudly offered a full portfolio of consulting services for 40 years.​ ​Founded in 2014 as a spinoff of Elert & Associates, our team has over 100 collective years of experience in structured cabling, audiovisual, physical security, networking, unified communications, and data centers. A core principle of ours is to bring value to every team we join.​

In 2023, True North joined PMY Group (PMY), a leading technology solutions company specializing in providing cutting-edge platforms and services to infrastructure, public venues, and major events. With this affiliation, True North increases its ability to deliver innovative solutions and unparalleled value to clients. Schools and educational institutions stand to gain from a richer pool of talent, expertise, and innovative solutions that only such a collaboration can offer.​

True North works closely with our customers to help them make informed decisions and turn those decisions into actions. We are a results-driven team and place a great deal of emphasis on developing strong relationships with our customers and strategic partners.​

Our People

Our people share a common value and belief system that we are extremely passionate about. We celebrate our uniqueness and guard our shared values.

Our Values

We believe in hard work, the goodness in people and that attitude is the true difference-maker. Our values and our faith drive us.

What We Do

We start by understanding what you are wanting to accomplish. With this information, we provide assessment services, design services, vendor specifications, project management and contract management.

Our Name

True North is a specific path to a specific destination. We align our business principles and consulting methodologies with this in mind: A path to a very specific destination or outcome. This starts with our people and values.

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