We didn't invent consulting;
we just made it personal.


Our Markets

Unique Solutions for Unique Problems

We measure our successes by those of our clients. At True North, we work with our clients to provide expertise, resources and advocacy for what matters most to them. Over the years, we have dealt with numerous types of clients, each requiring specific and individual solutions. Our attention to detail and resolve for finding the best options possible has helped us tremendously to build our knowledge base and garner experience in every area of technology.


True North assists school districts in taking an integrated approach to all facets required to adequately meet demands for safe schools and innovative learning environments.

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Higher Education

We know that with a college degree, the sky is the limit. True North seeks to advise and implement higher changes at an institutional level to create safer, technologically advanced and student-centered campuses.

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Public Safety

True North Consulting Group will provide unbiased answers to make informed decisions about your public safety needs. Our team is ready to help. Our consultants are unbiased, and our services are vendor and manufacturer independent, allowing for an honest and open procurement process.

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outside of building


In the corporate world, the use of technology offers an unmatched competitive advantage. Through strategic assessment, planning and technology design, our team crafts solutions to keep your business performing at its best.

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