We didn't invent consulting;
we just made it personal.

A completed sports and leisure consulting project by true north consulting

Sports and Leisure

We understand the importance of offering innovative practices to keep consumers connected. At True North, we work with you to achieve your goals and deliver on the promise of newer experiences.

Consumers want to be connected at all times with no buffering. This is the new norm. Hospitality has been redefined to mean connected at all times with no waiting. Text messaging is being replaced with a new UI – voice recognition. Apps are being traded in for transactions conducted using open mobile pay platforms. Social media is becoming the new customer service department.

True North Consulting Group has the expertise to help your organization deliver on the promise of newer experiences. Whether determining your current technology preparedness or managing the deployment of new technology deployments, True North Consulting Group helps you achieve your goals on-time and under budget. That’s the power of an independent consultant.

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